Deferred Fee Program (AM)


Deferred Management Fee Program
Apartment Buildings



The deferred management fee program offered by for apartment buildings is designed to maximize the cash flow of the investor.

The concept is simple. Coast provides management and leasing services for a fixed dollar amount per month and then loans the earned fees back to the investor at a low interest rate.

Coast is repaid only when one of the following takes place:

  • Five years have elapsed,
  • The property is sold,
  • The property is refinanced, or
  • The management agreement is terminated.


The investor is not locked into a long-term agreement. The management agreement is for a one-year term and then converts to a month-to-month agreement. The investor can terminate the agreement at any time after the initial twelve months.


  • The management fees charged by netunder the program are as follows:
  • A fixed monthly management fee to be determined by the parties,
  • Startup fee equal to 50% of the monthly fee,
  • Termination fee of $100,
  • Any late charges paid by renters are earned by Coast.


Traditional, monthly payment program is also available.