Deferred Fee Program (HOA)

Deferred Management Fee Program
For Homeowner Associations
No Management Fees for 5 Years


The deferred management fee program offered by is designed for homeowner associations of 4 to 40 units located anywhere in Southern California that are financially challenged, but have the desire and willingness to develop a plan to turn things around. If you have more than 40 units and have an interest in our program, please call us to discuss how Coast may assist you.

The deferred management fee concept is simple. Coast provides management services and then loans the earned fees back to the association at a low interest rate. Interest does not start to accrue until after five years has elapsed or the management agreement is terminated, whichever first occurs. The association is then given seven years to repay the amount owed. During the period that fees are deferred, the association can use the money to cure deferred maintenance, etc. Coast may also be able to arrange a separate HOA Loan for the association.

Your association is not locked into a long term agreement. You may terminate the agreement any time after a 60 day written notice is provided.

An example follows:

  1. Association fee is $490 per month
  2. After 5 years, $29,400 is owed to No interest has accrued to this point in time.
  3. Monthly payments, including interest at 7% now become payable, $443.72 per month for 7 years.

California law authorizes the board of directors of an incorporated homeowner association to borrow funds unless the governing documents prohibit borrowing without membership approval.

Why Associations Get Into Trouble

Please call to assist you in developing a plan for your community association. See Mission Statement.