The Property Management Company
You Hire Makes a Difference.


Evaluate Your Apartment Management Company

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Does your manager return your telephone calls promptly?      
Does your management company vigorously pursue the collection of delinquent rents in order to minimize losses?      
Is tenant turnover excessive?      
Are you receiving the benefit of volume purchasing power?      
Is your manager knowledgeable about the industry?      
Is there a conflict of interest with your management company because they provide maintenance services?      
Does your manager make periodic inspections and prepare written reports for you?      
Does your manager anticipate problems before they become major areas of concern?      
Do you receive accurate financial reports on a timely basis?      
Does your management company have adequate checks and balances in their accounting department?      
Are subcontractors properly supervised by your management company?      
Are major contract jobs inspected before contractors are paid?      
Are contractors and vendors paid on time?      
Does your manager obtain contract bids and make sound recommendations?      
Is your manager well prepared for all meetings?      

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