Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Building Management


  1. Our commercial building has some unique requirements. Can you customize your service for us?

        Yes. In nearly all cases we can provide the service you require. We are highly flexible and attempt to provide all necessary management services for our clients.


  1. If we hire CoastManagement.net, can we continue to use our own vendors and contractors?

        Yes. Our interest is in making certain that all contractors are properly licensed and insured. Otherwise, we have no interest in changing your vendors or                          contractors. However, if you are unhappy with your vendors or contractors, we are in a position to provide recommendations and will always offer suggestions on          how to reduce costs.


  1. Do you provide direct maintenance services to your clients?

        No. It would be a conflict of interest to do so.


  1. If we hire CoastManagement.net, will we be locked into a long term contract?

        No. You can cancel at any time upon providing 60 days written notice.


  1. Legal fees are killing us. What can Coast do to help us reduce this cost?

        Michael Chulak, the owner and in-house legal counsel for Coast, can assist you in reducing legal fees. It starts with a complete no-cost review of your situation.


  1. What happens if our property manager is unavailable when we need him or her?

        Coast always assigns a backup manager for every property. In addition, every property manager has an assistant who is knowledgeable about every property.              We will also provide you with our manager’s cell phone number.


  1. If we hire CoastManagement.net, will the transition from our existing management company be difficult?

        No. We will handle every detail.



  1. How can CoastManagement.net save us money?


  • Avoiding costly mistakes that result from inexperience and lack of knowledge;
  • Reducing tenant turnover;
  • Utilizing the bidding process where appropriate;
  • Taking advantage of volume discounts available to Coast;
  • Reducing collection problems; and
  • Minimizing the need to pay legal fees.


  1. If we hire Coast as our property management company, will you place our building employees on your payroll?

         Yes, if that is your preference. Some property management clients prefer that their building employees be on our payroll. Others want us to simply administer                 their payroll.


  1. Does CoastManagement.net offer an emergency service?

        Yes. We offer an emergency service 24 hours each day, 365 days each year. The emergency number is provided when the management agreement becomes               effective.


  1. Will you assist us in preparing an annual budget for our property?

        Yes. We will prepare a draft for your review and approval.


  1. Does Coast obtain bids for significant construction and maintenance projects?

        Absolutely. Obtaining bids is standard operating procedure at CoastManagement.net.


  1. Will you maintain a computer log for maintenance calls and repairs?



  1. Will CoastManagement.net make regular inspections of our property?



  1. Does CoastManagement.net have an in-house Controller or Chief Financial Officer responsible for accounting and financial reporting?



  1. What type of expertise does Coast have on its staff to deal with insurance issues?

       We have an Insurance Administrator on our staff whose sole responsibility with Coast is insurance. We also have an in-house attorney with extensive experience           in insurance matters.