Michael Chulak, President

Michael Chulak established Coast Management in 1987. The business was subsequently incorporated as CoastManagement.net, a California corporation. The firm manages homeowner associations, rental homes, apartments and commercial properties throughout Southern California. Michael Chulak is president of CoastManagement.net.

Born in Los Angeles, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from Ventura-Santa Barbara College of Law. Michael Chulak is a licensed general building contractor, and a California real estate broker. In 1979, he earned the Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) designation. In 1998, he became an attorney.  He has been an instructor at six California colleges including UCLA. Course topics have included homeowner association law, real estate finance, property management and leasing, legal aspects of real estate, and the foreclosure and loan modification process.

Michael Chulak has provided legal advice to hundreds of corporations, LLCs and partnerships and has provided consulting services to over one hundred law firms. He has testified as an expert witness in property management matters and mortgage lending matters more than 150 times over the last thirty years.

Michael Chulak formerly served as President and CEO of Union America Mortgage and Equity Trust (UMET), a New York Stock Exchange listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that owned and managed properties in nineteen states. Properties included regional and neighborhood shopping centers, highrise and garden office buildings, medical office buildings, apartment communities, hotels and motels, highrise condominium buildings, and mini-storage facilities. In addition, Michael previously served as Senior Vice President of Long Beach Savings where he was responsible for loan originations, loan underwriting, real estate appraisals, loan closings-escrows, construction lending, joint ventures, and the apartment construction division. Michael Chulak has extensive corporate-business experience having served on several boards. He is also the legal advisor to the U.S. Wenzhou Association and the Los Angeles Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce USA.

Michael Chulak writes legal advice columns for several newspapers and has hosted a radio talk show on KVTA AM 1520 and KRLA AM 840 known as On the Law with Attorney Michael Chulak. He is the author of the website HOAQandA.com, serves as a mediator and provides free legal seminars.

Michael Chulak  served as Judge Advocate for the Westlake Yacht Club, and has been a member of The Magic Castle for more than thirty years.