Our Management Philosophy – Rental Homes and Apartment Buildings

CoastManagement.net endeavors to manage middle class and luxury apartment buildings in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We have extensive expertise in upgrading apartment buildings, and seek opportunities to assist our property management clients in improving their properties. Sometimes our clients acquire apartment buildings with substantial deferred maintenance because these buildings can offer profit opportunities if they are upgraded. We welcome these opportunities.

What we don’t want to do is manage for owners whose philosophy is to operate rental properties that are untenantable as defined by the Civil Code, violate the Health and Safety Code, or are unsafe because of building code violations or other reasons. In addition, we do not want to manage for owners who violate California employment laws, landlord – tenant laws, or who unlawfully discriminate.

If you are interested in a professional management company that knows how to maximize cash flow and value while minimizing your risks, call us today.