Purchase of Property Management Companies or Accounts

CoastManagement.net will purchase the following:

  1. Individual property management accounts,

  2. An entire property management company, or

  3. A 50% or greater interest in a property management company.

CoastManagement.net is prepared to pay top prices and can close within fourteen days from acceptance of an offer. Offers are generally made within seventy-two hours of receiving all information needed to make a decision. Our firm is well capitalized and capable of performing without delay. Offers will generally consist of a thirty percent to fifty percent down payment with the balance payable over a period of twelve to twenty-four months. The retention of key personnel (whether owners or not) is a top priority for us.

All communications should be made directly to Michael Chulak. Any inquiries, discussions or communications will be kept strictly confidential from Coast’s staff as well as yours. The need to maintain privacy is completely understood and will be respected. After an initial discussion, the completion of the following form, “Request for Proposal”, will allow us to prepare an offer.

For those owners who are not ready to sell 100% of their business, a 50% or more sale may make sense. The advantages to you include:

  1. You will receive immediate cash for your interest;

  2. We can inject cash for expansion as well as additional expertise;

  3. Your business will be more easily expanded and will become more profitable faster;

  4. We will provide in-house legal counsel, insurance advice and construction expertise; and

  5. You can continue to supervise your office while becoming a key member of a larger and more profitable operation.

If the timing is not right for you today, please keep us mind for the future.