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We are pleased to provide prospective clients with references at the appropriate time. 

Maintaining a list of references is important to us and we appreciate the fact that some board members are willing to take their valuable time to answer questions for our benefit.  We firmly realize that it is an imposition on them, and consequently, we want to avoid unnecessary telephone calls to them. Consequently, we have established the policy of providing references only after:

  • We have personally met with the board of directors seeking to hire a management company,

  • The board has expressed a serious intent to hire subject to checking our references, and

  • We have determined that we can work well with your board of directors.

This policy respects our relationship with our existing client-board members while providing references to boards who are serious about hiring us. 

We hope to be able to establish a long term relationship with your association and that you will want to become a future reference for us.

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