Why We’re Different

  1. Coast has been in business since 1987 making us one of the most experienced property management firms in Southern California.
  2. Our staff is supervised by a highly experienced homeowner association and real estate attorney who is available to provide legal advice whenever it is needed.
  3. Coast provides first-rate accounting, payroll, and tax return services, utilizing state of the art software, and most importantly, all of the accounting checks and balances required to protect our clients that are usually not available from small management companies, or those operated by close family members.
  4. While we are not in the construction business, we have an experienced general contractor on our staff that is available to consult with our property supervisors. Michael Chulak was licensed as a general contractor in 1979 and has extensive experience.
  5. Approximately 10 times each year, Coast provides valuable, relevant information to our homeowner association and apartment building clients. 
  6. Coast has a highly experienced insurance administrator on staff that is available to consult with our management staff and clients. There is no additional cost to our clients for this valuable service.
  7. Our firm has a collection division that focuses on the collection of delinquent homeowner association assessments and rents. Our collection division is headed by an attorney with extensive experience.
  8. The President of Coast became a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) in 1979. Most of our managers have professional designations and all are required to take continuing education courses continuously in relevant property management subjects.

As you can see, CoastManagement.net is different and will make a difference in the management of your property.

Evaluate Your Management Company and Compare

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yes               No      

Does your manager return your telephone calls promptly?    
Does your management company vigorously pursue the collection of delinquent assessments in order to minimize losses to the association?    
Does your management company represent you in small claims court in order to collect delinquent assessments?    
Is employee turnover excessive?    
Are you receiving the benefit of volume purchasing power?    
Does your management company have an in-house HOA attorney available for no-cost advice?    
Is your manager knowledgeable about the industry?    
Is your manager well prepared at all meetings?    
Does your management company have an in-house insurance administrator available for no-cost advice regarding insurance issues?    
Does your manager make periodic inspections and prepare written reports for you?    
Does your manager anticipate problems before they become major areas of concern?    
Do you receive accurate financial reports on a timely basis?    
Does your management company have adequate checks and balances in their accounting department?    
Are subcontractors properly directed by your management company?    
Are major contract jobs inspected before contractors are paid?    
Does your manager obtain contract bids and make sound recommendations?